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Brief Biography of Mr Justice M L Dudhat

Mr. Justice M L Dudhat was born on March 11, 1935 at Ahmednagar, Maharastra, India.

Educated in Mumbai, Mr Justice M L Dudhat attained his Bachelor in Science, Bachelor of Law and Master of Law degrees from the University of Mumbai.

In 1961, he began practising law as an Advocate in the High Court of Mumbai and the Supreme Court of India.  In 1964 – 65 he was appointed as the Head of the Department, Mercantile Law, in the Bandra College of Commerce.  During 1965 – 71 he lectured in Siddharth College as a Professor of Law -- in Constitutional Law, Law of Crimes, Law of Contract and Law of Torts.  He was also a Professor of Law for the Bar Council in respect of Drafting and Pleading.

Over a period of 28 years of practice, Mr Justice M L Dudhat also attained recognition as a Senior Counsel in the year 1981.  During his career as an Advocate, he successfully argued several landmark cases such as the Shirdi Misappropriation Case, Mohite Bomb Case, Writ Petition challenging The Mula-Mutha Flood Relief Act and Writ Petition challenging The Urban Land Ceiling Act, besides several appeals and writ petitions under the Representative of Peoples Act and Co-operative Act.  He was also a legal advisor to the Bajaj Group, Khadi Commission, Khadi Board and several co-operative banks.

In the year 1988, Mr Justice M L Dudhat was elected as the President of the Western India Bar.

Mr Justice M L Dudhat, was elevated to the bench as a Judge of the High Court of Mumbai in 1989.  He retired from this position on March 31, 1997, having reached the prescribed retirement age and retired as a Judge of the Mumbai High Court in March 1997. 

In May 1997, Mr Justice M L Dudhat was appointed as a Commissioner under the Commission of Inquires Act, 1952 to undertake the inquire in the charges brought against Ex-Minister Shri S. Sutar.  The Commission Report submitted by him was unanimously accepted by all parties of the Legislative Assembly.

Mr Justice M L Dudhat was appointed as a Trustee of AFAC English School & Jr. College in the year 1983 and became the President of the AFAC English School & Jr. College in the year 1997.

Upto September 2006, Mr Justice M L Dudhat had been conducting mental physics and meditation classes in Mumbai, for four (4) days a week, every week, during a ten (10) month period (July to April).  These classes were conducted of four (4) different locations in Mumbai and are attended by approximately 300 people from all walks of life. 

For the eleven (11) years until 2006, a five (5) days seminar was arranged in the last week of December of every year where about hundred (100) aspirants from India and also few foreigners attend at Mahabaleshwar.  In the said seminar participants meditate one hour at early morning and one hour in the evening.  In the morning and in the evening after meditation, Mr Justice Dudhat delivered lectures on different subjects such as Thought Dynamics, Life Beyond Death,  Prarabdh (Destiny), Is There Is Any Justice In Life?, Mind, Kundlini, Tantra, Continuity Of The Life In The School Of Creavity, Zen, Krishna, Yoga Vasistha, Tripura Rahasya etc.   The said lectures on the said subjects were for about Nine (9) hours duration.  Video and Audio tape of the said lectures is circulated to all the mental physics students and others for their knowledge.

Mr Justice M L Dudhat, left his physical body on September 22, 2006.